Grilled Corn on the Cob

The olive oil and the flame from the grill brings out the natural flavor in the corn. They come out so tender that you don’t even miss the butter.

  • Fresh ears of corn
  • Olive oil
In preparation, remove the husk and silk from the corn and discard. Completely submerge the whole cobs in cold water for 20 minutes, soaking to add moisture prior to grilling. Fire up your grill to around a medium-low temperature. The thermometer should read approximately 350 degrees.

Remove your corn from the water, shake off any excess water, and brush in a light coating of olive oil. Place one cob (diagonally) in a square sheet of aluminum foil and roll the foil around the ear of corn – twisting the ends closed. Repeat for each ear.

Place your corn on the grill, cooking with the cover closed.  Remember to rotate every so often (I give mine a quarter turn every 5 minutes). Your corn should be ready in approximately 20 minutes. Remove and let sit for at least 5 minutes so you don’t burn yourself when unwrapping.


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